On 31.03.2014 Pakomak submit the annual report for waste treatment in 2013 to the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning and we are expecting to be approved by the Department of Environment in the Ministry because we have achieved the national goals for 2013. With this Pakomak for the third time consecutively in its three-year existence has fulfilled all the conditions for job retention and work permit, which is a huge safety for our customers.

Pakomak in 2013 through its system management and treatment of waste from packaging, included over 700 manufacturers and importers, and according to their submitted monthly reports they release 40,735.5 tonnes of packaging waste in the domestic market. Pakomak in 2013 reached a rate of collection and recycling of 23% compared to the reported 40,753 tonnes of packaging waste from its customers, or 9032 tonnes of packaging waste were taken to recycle.

With this, Pakomak DOO meet the requirement for keeping the license for handling packaging waste, according to Article 21 from the Act for managing packaging and packaging waste.


Pakomak take part in the Forum for energy efficiency, renewable energy, smart cities, waste management and recycling in Sofia, Bulgaria in the period of 5 to 7 of March 2014.

The organizer Via Expo, focused the attention on this seminar on the future of cities in Southeast Europe. It is expected that by 2050, 79% of humanity will live in cities and that will increase the demographic pressure in the cities.

This migration, placed in the context of climate change and growing prices of natural resources means necessary investment in clean energy, green buildings and cities with better performance.

The countries in Southeast Europe, aware of the current situation, update their national laws and invest in new technologies to achieve energy independence, reduce the negative impact on human health and the environment, and also to build and efficient economy. These cities efforts were key topic of the seminar.

Pakomak as one of the Macedonian companies that are crucial to improve the domestic systems for waste management and creating green cities, heard the experiences of the neighboring countries and their practical solutions that will help the company in the future to further increase its efficiency operation.


Pakomak in January began his collaboration with Capitol Mall in Aerodrom, setting bins for selective waste disposal in the newest shopping mall in Skopje. Additionally, they have branded some of the glasses in the mall with eco-messages.

With this collaboration, Pakomak emphasized the importance of sorting and recycling of waste to all visitors and shoppers in Capitol Mall. Availability of the bins for selected for waste disposal is the most important step to change their habits. The company will continue to spread the communal network across the country and together with the citizens to build a cleaner future for all of us.


The company Pakomak in order to give a different view of the packing in everyday life, in December announced a prize competition "Trash for art in 2013" for which registered over 200 interesting and unique artwork.

The competition that for the third consecutive year is organized Pakomak, was supported by ProCredit Bank for the first time this year. The jury declared the best 6 pieces and they were rewarded. Darko Bazerko won the first prize in the individual category with his work "Motorcycle" with parts made of plastic bottles, coffee cans and cardboard. In the schools category, the first prize went to the students from high school "Nikola Karev" with artwork named "Gollum".

To promote the winners, Pakomak put the winning artworks th the Vero Centre in February and when this exhibition finished, the artworks were transferred to Ramstore and Capitol Mall. Through these exhibitions, many visitors were informed about the prize competition “Trash for art” by Pakomak, and they got the message about the importance of caring for our environment. The works were a true example that if you think outside the box – you will see a work of art in the packaging waste.


The company Pakomak and ProCredit Bank signed a memorandum of cooperation that will take place in several stages in the next period. For starters, Pakomak through its associates in each of the 13 branches of ProCredit Bank in Skopje organized setting cardboard bins for collection of administrative paper work, which will continue to be collected and carried for recycling. Also, Pakomak placed plastic boxes for collection of invalid credit and debit cards as plastic waste.

These activities are provided to the employees of the bank and its customers to contribute in saving of the environment.

With this collaboration, ProCredit Bank has strengthened its commitment to be environmentally friendly bank that cares about the environment and has developed clear environmental strategy. Besides green loans for energy efficiency for businesses and citizens, Banking and environmental initiatives to employees, through the cooperation Pakomak this Bank has conveyd another message - that only with environmental behavior and recycling we can make an environmental step forward.

The efforts of Pakomak for raising general environmental awareness will continue, by encouraging various eco-actions and events for companies in Macedonia. The green Pakomak mission continues, and that is a cleaner planet, cleaner air, healthier food and a cleaner environment. To accomplish this, all you need to do is think globally, but act locally!


For the Day of Spring - March 21, The Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning organized eco-campaign "Macedonia Land of Flowers - Land of Roses."

On this day, over 50,000 roses was planted in different cities of the country. This eco-action was based on a study that showed that the Rose has an exceptional ability to accumulate and keep harmful elements, especially heavy metals from water, air and soil. The Rose is a perennial plant, easy to breed in different areas, can live up to 30 years and bloom even 200 days a year.

Pakomak supported the action and called the children of primary schools across Macedonia to prepare artwork of packaging waste on the subject "Rose". For the manufactured artworks were organized exhibitions for sale and the raised funds were used to buy seedlings of roses that will be planted in schoolyards.

In cooperation with the MZSPP and the Regional Environmental Center, nine individual awards were divided into three categories, category from first to third grade, category from fourth of the sixth grade and category from seventh to ninth grade. The winner of each category received a Tablet with Encyclopedia, second place got bikcycles while third place got backpacks full of candy products.


Pakomak supported the children's festival "Potocinja" which was organizes for the 11th time in the Universal Hall on 22 and 23 March 2014.

The company developed interesting eco videos for the kids that were played on the screen on scene. These videos conveyed the message that the packaging with past can have a future. At the same time, Pakomak invited the children to care for the environment and throw their garbage in garbage bins for selectif disposal, set in Universal Hall by Pakomak.


The eco action of the company Pakomak and the coffee bars and restaurants, for selectively disposing waste in catering, started last year and continued intensively this year with more bars and restaurants include. In fact only the first three months of this year over 8 tons of glass was collected, and the inclusion of additional bars and restaurants, more quantities will be collected and taken to recycling.

The environmental action started with initial 15 well known cafes and restaurants, which showed socially responsible behavior and contributed to safeguarding the environment and natural resources of our capital, so that today the number to be much higher.

In each of the cafes and restaurants involved in this project, Pakomak set three different baskets with labels for glass, plastic and paper. The staffs at these facilities dispose the packaging from drinks in the container intended for the specific type of packaging. Additionally, all cafes and restaurants were branded with interesting eco-messages whose purpose is to encourage guests in these restaurants to select and recycle the waste.

Through this action, the Pakomak goal is to increase awareness among people to create healthy environmental habits and simply - beautiful living environment for all of us.

To be a part of the Eco Action Pakomak, seek the cafes and restaurants with this tag and despite the beautiful moments spent in these places, give your contribution to environmental protection.