Trash for Art 2015

Sound of green 2015

Trash for Art 2014

Eko masquerade

Pivofest Prilep 2014

Eko Bus

Sound of green 2014

Trash for Art 2013

Pivofest 2013

Masquerade in Ramstore

Eco promotions in Vero

Eco concert 2013

Activities in Vero

New Year cocktail

School projects – municipality of Karposh

Promotions on beach – Ohrid

Pakomak od Pivofest 2012

ECO concert – EDO MAAJKA

Green days in Ramstore

Skopje Fashion Weekend

Trash For Art

Govrlevo – Municipality Sopishte

Ohrid beer festival 2011

Pivofest Prilep 2011

Seminar for new clients – Hotel Belvi

Signing of Contract with ProEurope