The Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning approved our annual report for 2014, meaning all our members met their national goals for 2014 through Pakomak, defined by the Law on managing packaging and packaging waste, and are compliant with the law.

2014 was yet another successful year for Pakomak. Pakomak is a leading company in managing packaging waste, with over 780 members and professional behavior dedicated towards the implementation of this ecological law and continued investments in infrastructure, waste collection and national education. It’s no coincidence that for the fourth consecutive year since the implementation of the Law on managing packaging and packaging waste, Pakomak receives positive assessments from state authorities without any remarks regarding our operations.

We thank you for being a part of Pakomak in 2014 and contributing towards our and your success. We believe we’ll continue to be part of the same team and we’ll meet the objectives we have set for 2015. This year we collected and recycled 11.488 tons of packaging waste, and this year we plan to collect and recycle over 14.500 tons of packaging waste, 26% more than last year. The only way to accomplish this is by participating in Pakomak's operations, as socially responsible and environmentally conscious companies.

We continue to be a reliable and professional partner you can rely on when it comes to managing your packaging waste.


Pakomak is a sponsor of the kid’s radio show titled “Veselata Druzina” (the merry gang) with Ivce Pivce on radio Slobodna Makedonija. The show airs Sunday from 10-12 am, but now you can follow it on the internet as well. You can find a direct link to the last show of “Veselata Druzina” on Pakomak’s website www.pakomak.com.mk and on radio Slobodna Makedonija’s website, www.rsm.mk .

The show is interactive and educative with environmental topic inserted in the conversations with the kids. The show revolves around the importance of sorting and recycling packaging waste, while promoting Pakomak’s activities relevant to the young generations, sharing of children’s experiences with Pakomak’s projects in their schools and so on.

The slogan of the show “If you’re not with us, you’re not with everyone” calls upon youth to properly manage their packaging waste and dispose of it in the proper bins and containers. The goal is to raise environmental awareness among youth and develop positive environmental habits that will have a long lasting positive effect on our environment.


Pakomak has supported the beer festival in the city of Prilep for 5 consecutive years. This year, the festival was held form 16-19 of July and Pakomak made sure the city remained clean afterwards.

Special bins for selective disposal of packaging waste were set up, and all of the collected waste was later taken to be recycled. The company will continue to promote positive habits among the general public, since we are the ones who will decide the future of our city.


The festival “Sound of Green” was traditionally organized, for the fourth consecutive year, by Pakomak and Password production.

On July 20th, the bands “Foltin” “Eye Cue” and “June” performed in the summer club “Havana” and visitors received an entry to the event in exchange for three empty plastic bottles of any size. This entry mechanism aims to inspire youth to think about the environment and to remind them that by making small changes in their habits, they can make grand changes to the environment.

Pakomak addressed the audience and we received great support from the attendees, and we are very proud to have found a universal language in which we can speak to youth about ecology, and that’s music.


Pakomak branded the shopping carts in “Granap” supermarket with eco-messages to remind shoppers that the packaging from products they purchase in the store doesn’t have to end up as waste. It can be recycled and converted into new packaging for other products.

The company urged shoppers to dispose of their packaging waste in the proper bins and to continue the recycling cycle. The objective of these activities is to highlight the importance of sorting and recycling waste, since it is the only way towards a cleaner environment and a better future.


With help from the NGO “ZEUR” Pakomak made sure that 100 informal waste collectors received their necessary health checks.

On that occasion, MRI examinations were performed along with abdominal and blood count examinations and the health reports showed that 90% of the examinees had further medical instructions, while for some it was the first doctor’s visit they had ever gone to. For the company this was a step forward in the efforts of incorporating informal waste collectors into society faster and including them in the Public Communal Enterprise system. Other activities that are carried out consistently with the same aim are donations of necessary infrastructure to the PCE, equipment and organization of educative courses for informal collectors.

Pakomak, in collaboration with communal enterprises, makes every effort to establish a sustainable financial system in managing packaging waste, which will allow the inclusion of informal collectors into the structure of utility companies, therefore receiving social and health insurance, while simultaneously providing livelihood for their families.

This initiative is one of pakomak’s many, aiming to decrease the unemployment rate in Macedonia while working towards a substantially cleaner country, which is a priority to Macedonian society. Informal collectors belong to the socially disadvantaged category of citizens and are a responsibility of the state which can only be overcome by coordinated action from all stakeholders.


In order to continue their successful collaboration with kindergartens, Pakomak set up bins for collecting paper and plastic in more than 136 facilities in 17 cities throughout the country.

Besides learning how important it is to preserve the environment, kids now have the opportunity to apply their knowledge by using the set up bins. The project was carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy in order to make sorting and recycling available to all children in these facilities.

Pakomak will continue to develop positive environmental habits among youth, since they are the ones who will pass down the knowledge to future generations.


In March Pakomak opened the first educative eco-park on mountain Vodno and continued the project in July and August by setting up boards with eco-messages along the hiking trails.

A total of 45 boards were set up along 6 official trails from the foothill to the top of the mountain, covering more than 13 km of trail.

Pakomak used these messages to address those who recreationally hike on these trails and remind them to be careful about where they throw out the packaging from the products they bring along with them. The purpose of these eco-messages, besides preserving the natural beauty, is long-term preservation of the mountain’s biodiversity.


2 years ago, Pakomak launched the eco-initiative “Are You Recycling?” along with coffee shops and restaurants from around Skopje, aiming to initiate selective disposal of glass packaging in these facilities.

The initiative began with 15 coffee shops and restaurants and today more than 100 facilities have joined in, collectively recycling over 30 tons of glass each month. Pakomak additionally set up interesting eco-messages in these facilities whose purpose is to motivate visitors to sort and recycle their waste and contribute towards a cleaner environment.


Pakomak supported the Festival for creative industries “Skopje Kreativa” that took place from 16th to 20th of September with the moto “Skopje-my city!”

During the festival numerous presentations, lectures, workshops, discussions and debates were held. Visitors had the opportunity to participate in events from all creative areas- fashion, industrial and graphic design, movie and video performances and multimedia contents and in the evening hours they enjoyed a specially selected musical program.

During the festival Pakomak set up special bins for selective disposal of waste and provided additional material (plastic bottles, cardboard boxes and cans) used in the workshops, intended for developing children’s creativity.

Pakomak will continue with their activities for strengthening environmental awareness among youth and developing positive eco-friendly habits.


This year, for the first time, Pakomak created an educative video that broadcasted on national television, in order to reach broader audiences and raise the public’s environmental awareness.

Pakomak filmed three short videos with the message “The packaging that has a past, can also have a future”, promoting the recycling of glass, paper and plastic packaging.

The purpose of this campaign is to motivate proper sorting of waste, as the first step that leads towards its recycling and conversion into a new useful product.

The videos can be viewed on the following link:


On September 30th, in collaboration with Shparkase bank, Pakomak handed out the awards to the best schools that collected the most plastic bottles during the previous academic year within the project “Recycling?-Say yes!”

The awards were handed out to 6 primary schools in 6 municipalities in Skopje: “11 Oktomvri” Primary School-Center, “Rajko Zinzifov” Primary School-Kisela Voda, “Krum Tosev” Primary School-Gazi Baba, “Mirce Acev” Primary School-Gjorce Petrov, “Goce Delcev” Primary School-Aerodrom, “Brakja Miladinovci” Primary School-Aerodrom and “Jan Amos Komenski” primary School-Karpos.

The initiative proved to be successful during the course of the academic year of 2014/2015, which is sufficient incentive for this project to move forward. The awards are additional motivation for students to persevere in their commitment to a clean environment.

60 primary schools from 6 municipalities were involved within this project: Kisela Voda, Karpos, Aerodrom, Gjorce Petrov, Center and Gazi Baba and over 1.5 million plastic bottles, more than 40 tons of plastic waste was collected for recycling.

The project informed and engaged over 30.000 families from Skopje, who started to sort their waste, converse about the environment, landfills, the future challenges our planet faces and how to deal with them all.


The oldest Macedonian handball club, “Rabotnicki” entered a new phase this season, and is quickly counting its victories in the Macedonian handball super league.

Pakomak showed their support for the team by setting up bins for selective waste disposal in sport center “Forca”, where the team plays its matches.

Pakomak will continue to support sports activities and a healthy lifestyle, since they are closely realted to the environment. Sorting and recycling waste is the first step towards preserving the environment where sports activities take place.