Pakomak is a nonprofit company, founded on 3/12/2010, whose main activity is management of packaging waste. According to the new Law on management of packaging and packaging waste, since January 10, 2011 Pakomak is the first company in Macedonia, licensed by the Ministry of environment for selection and processing of packaging waste. 

Eleven leading manufacturing companies in Macedonia are founders of the company: Pivara Skopje AD Skopje, Prilepska Pivarnica AD Prilep; Vitaminka AD Prilep; Pelisterka DOO Skopje; Magroni DOO (Ladna, Dobra Voda); Koding Dooel Kavadarci (Gorska Voda) Kozhufchanka DOO Kavadarci ; Vivaks Dooel Skopje; Blagoj GjorevADVeles; VV Tikvesh AD.; VV Stobi AD.

Company’s goal is to build long-lasting and solid cooperation with its customers and the Government and in accordance with European regulations - to minimize the negative impact of packaging waste on the environment, to promote a responsible attitude towards the companies packaging waste, thus allowing better quality of life to all.

Pakomak is open to include all companies that have an obligation to manage their packaging waste and are aware of their social responsibility to provide a healthier environment. As a part of Pakomak, new member-companies have equal treatment as the founding companies.
Since May 20th, 2011 Pakomak is the 34th national nonprofit company that joins the international network of packaging waste management Pro Europe (, and thus receives the license to use the symbol "Green Dot". Green Dot is a financial symbol, which signifies that for the packaging that has this symbol a fee has been paid for handling the waste after its use.

Pro Europe Logo            Green Dot Logo


The decision of our country to harmonize its legislation with EU regulations has brought certain obligations for companies in Macedonia who market / sell products packed in any packaging form.

This integration of the European regulation 94/62/EC on packaging and packaging waste in our law, was an occasion to form the non-profit company for packaging waste management - Pakomak.

Besides the 11 founding members of the company, Pakomak cooperates with more than 300 other companies, and is still open for new members. Pakomak provides environmentally safe and economically viable solutions of packaging waste to all of them.

Manufacturers and importers of products packed in any type of package, now have a legal obligation to organize a system for collection, selection and recycling of their packaging waste, which at the end, is given to the final users. With this principle of “extended producer responsibility”, all entities in the chain and the final users (manufacturers, packer, importers, and distributors) will have a possibility of reuse or use of the packaging material that has been placed on the market.

The mission of Pakomak is to ensure responsible, efficient and most economically affordable management of the customers packaging waste in accordance with their legal obligations.

Only a responsible attitude towards packaging waste will minimize negative environmental impact and ensure a better quality of life for all.

Join us.


Pakomak's operation is based on following 5 principles:

  1. Establishment of a system of waste packaging management that will create the greatest environmental benefits with minimal economic resources and efforts.
  2. Calculations of fees to customers with no profit for the founders (there will be no payment of dividends)
  3. Transparent operation with continuous review
  4. Equal treatment of all customers
  5. Building partnership with government ministries and municipalities to achieve national targets for dealing with packaging waste



  1. Managing Director –Filip Ivanovski
  2. Operations  Manager–Igor Makaloski
  3. Financial  Affairs – Natasa Bogdanovska
  4. Manager for customer care – Iko Brdarovski
  5. Legal and administrative affairs – Olgica Trckovska

Supervisory Board

  1. Chairman
    1. Igor Micev –Kozuvcanka DOO, Head of Legal Service
  2. Members
      1. Danijela Cosic –Magroni DOO (Dobra Voda), Marketing Manager
      2. Goran Stojkovski – Pivara Skopje AD, Supply Chain Manager
      3. Sashko Samardjioski – Prilepska Pivarnica AD, General Manager
      4. Aleksandar Stalevski –Pelisterka AD, Commercial Manager
      5. Igor Ilievski –VV Tikvesh AD, General Manager
      6. Orde Gjorgjioski –Vitaminka AD, Head of Legal Department
      7. Gorancho Lazov –Blagoj Gjorev AD, General Manager
      8. Risto Josifovski –Vivaks AD, Commercial sales director
      9. Penka Dodevska –Stobi winery
      10. Jovan Jovanov –Koding Gorska DOOEL, Manager


1. Licensed quantities

  1. Year 2011 – 42.090 tons
  2. Year 2012 - 40.557 tons
  3. Year 2013 – 40.753 tons
  4. Year 2014 – 42.008 tons
  5. Year 2015 – 43.833 tons

2. Achieving the annual national targets for recycling of packaging waste:

  1. Year 2011 – recycled 6.198 tons (14.7% from the licensed quantities).
  2. Year 2012 – recycled 7.595 tons (18.7% from the licensed quantities).
  3. Year 2013 – recycled 9.302 tons (22.8% from the licensed quantities).
  4. Year 2014 – recycled 9.302 tons (27.4% from the licensed quantities).
  5. Year 2015 – recycled 15.567 tons (35.5% from the licensed quantities).