Links - pdf announcements by Pakomak

Pakomak and Sparkasse Bank awarded 18 students in successful project "Recycling - Say YES!"
Pakomak & Password Production are promoting new trend - ecology in music
The great eco-action from Pakomak continues in the primary schools in Tetovo
The eco actions in the coffee bars and restaurants will continue
Buy products with Green Dot mark – for universities
Pakomak donated 30 containers in Shtip
Eco masquerade in organization of Pakomak
Cooperation between Pakomak and Procredit bank
Pakomak results from work operations in 2013
The first winners of “Trash for Art” are being selected
Pakomak eco action in the coffee bars and restaurants
Gran team competition in organization of Pakomak
PAKOMAK announces the competition “Trash art forms” - for art work from packaging waste
Pakomak social responsibility
Press for Pakomak research in the business sector
Pakomak donates in Tetovo
City of Vienna together with Pakomak donated three trucks for cleaning
Pakomak eco action expandes in primary schools in the municipality of Aerodrom
Press for Pakomak research
Traditional dancers collect plastic bottles
Dnevnik - May 18, 2011
Filip Ivanovski - interview Pakomak - Dnevnik
Pakomak joined Pro Europe - Press release May 20, 2011
Pakomak re-announcement - June 28, 2011
Porta 3 to 8 of June 2011
Pakomak – Effective packaging waste management