Do you want to know how to become a member of Pakomak? It’s easy!

Your company can be a member of Pakomak if during one year, places on the domestic market more than:

  1. 800 kg glass bottles
  2. 300 kg of paper or paperboard
  3. 100 kg another type of packaging material

You can become a member by signing a Contract to join the packaging waste management system of Pakomak.

For more information call (02) 20 44 567 or contact us at:


Use the benefits of Pakomak membership and get:

  1. Complete management of your packing waste
    As our customer, Pakomak will organize a system for collecting, recycling and energy utilization of packing waste, leaving no obligations to you.
  2. Best fees for managing your waste
    As collective waste handler, Pakomak is the economically most favorable option for your company, and charges several times less than the state fee.
    Ex. The fee of 320 Euros/t of plastics that should be paid to the state,   in Pakomak’s system is only 26.10 Euros / ton!
  3. Fulfillment of all legal obligations regarding the Law for packaging waste management
    According to Art. 20 paragraph 5 of the law, you pay a fee to Pakomak and those funds will be used to manage your waste. Pakomak as a non-profit company, has no profits from the funds that you pay.
  4. Free Green Dot license
    Since 1/1/2012 all companies-manufacturers/importers are obliged to put a symbol on their products which designates the type of dominant packaging material and optionally, belonging to a system for waste management.
    As a client of the Pakomak system- member of international network ProEurope, you will get the Green Dot symbol for free. Thus, your company will be marked as a socially responsible company that complies with environmental standards defined by law and EU directives.

Become a part of the Pakomak’s system and help us raise the environmental standards in Macedonia to a higher / EU level.


According to the Laws, your company has an obligation to submit Monthly Reports for packaging waste generated, prepared on the basis of Product Specifications and a Sales Report for that month.

  1. Product specifications
    - Information on the amount of generated packaging waste per product / item.
  2. Monthly reports
    - Information on the total amount of released/generated packaging waste on the Macedonian market for all products. The report (for the previous month) is submitted no later than the 15th day of the month

In addition, in case of an audit by the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, you are responsible for the accuracy of the data sent to Pakomak. For a detailed explanation how to fill the manufacturing specifications and monthly reports, see the document on the following link:
Download PDF document

According to the Laws, since 1.1. 2012 all manufacturers and importers will have to have a symbol on the packaging for the type of packaging - paper, glass, plastic, metal, wood or composite material. See the symbols on the following link:
Download PDF document

For easier identification and classification of packaging, check the classification of the different types of packaging on the following link:
Download PDF document

A part from the symbol for the type of packaging, manufacturers and importers will be required to have a symbol of  belonging to a system for waste management. Members of the Pakomak system get Green Dot symbol.


  1. Pivara Skopje AD – Skopje
  2. Prilepska Pivarnica AD – Prilep
  3.  Vitaminka AD – Prilep
  4.  Pelisterka DOO – Skopje
  5.  Magroni DOO – Skopje
  6.  Koding DOOEL  – Kavadarci
  7.  Kozhufchanka DOO – Kavadarci
  8.  Vivaks DOOEL – Skopje
  9.  Blagoj Gjorev AD – Veles
  10. VV Tikvesh AD Skopje
  11. VV Stobi AD

And more than 350 other companies